Press release, published on 13 March 2017


Commodity Trading Monitoring Report, published on 13 March 2017


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Working papers series, published on 1st June 2016



« Base Metals Inventories and their Influence on Futures Markets. » by Alexandru Cor


« China and Coal: An Imminent Break-Up? » by Anne-Charlotte Journe and Jules Alegre


« Export Restrictions in Minerals and Metals Trade and Prediction of Policy Change. » by Zihan Wu


« Food Subsidies and Trade in Egypt. » by Ana Klinnert


« Investing in Copper Futures: Evaluation of Absolute Return Strategies Within a Discreet-State Hidden Markov Model. » by Cédric Pellet


« Stochastic Freight Rate Modelling and Application to Value-at-Risk Predictive Power and Limitatios of Stochastic Models to Forecasting Freight Rates. » by Gregory Jetzer


« The Valuation of Hydro Virtual Pump Storage Contracts. » by Maria del Mar Martinez de la Pena














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