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For the past 10 years, the SRIC Foundation has organised the annual Commodity Trading Forum, in partnership with the Swiss Trading & Shipping Association (STSA). The Forum hosts a wide range of speakers including commodity professionals, academic experts, political authorities, public administration and representatives of the civil society. Through the years the mission of the Trading Forum has been to run a dialogue on the industry's trends and upcoming challenges favouring an exchange of thoughts among all stakeholders.

In 2018, the overarching theme of the conference was how the dynamic of the industry is changing and becoming more and more interconnected. Technology has caused this integration across the industry to spread much faster, forcing players like trade finance banks and shipping companies to completely reinvent their business models in order to survive.

Nowadays, given how fast information moves, discussing ideas once a year at the Trading Forum was not enough. The SRIC realised the need for an easy-to-access platform where academic know-how and information is shared continuously and decided to power ACAMODITY - a digital physical platform where the worlds of academia, civil society and commodity trading can meet on an uninterrupted basis. Open to everyone, the platform will be the leading academic knowledge resource and thought leadership platform in the commodities world.

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Commodities Magazine is published yearly by STSA in collaboration with AGEFI. It is published in parallel of the Trading Forum and provides a written support to the Commodity Trading Forum.